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At the Miami, Florida law firm of Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L., we advocate for businesses and individuals involved in business, contract and real estate disputes or victimized by the wrongdoing of others:

Intentional Torts — If you are a victim of interference by a competitor with a contract or business relationship with your customer, if you have been defamed, if your right to privacy with respect to your sensitive personal information has been violated, contact us to review your rights and remedies.

Business Litigation — Whether your case involves a breach of contract, a disputes with a partner, a breach of warranty, or the sale of non-conforming or defective goods, Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. can help resolve it by advising you of your rights and remedies and, if necessary, through aggressive litigation.

Receivership Representation — We act as attorneys for receivers appointed during litigation or insolvency proceedings, advising them on their legal duties and fiduciary responsibilities and handling any litigation receivers are required to bring or to defend.

Fraud — If you are a victim of fraud, a breach of fiduciary duty, or a breach of the duty of good faith and honest dealing, we provide diligent representation to protect your business and personal interests. Our lawyers also assist investors in recovering funds lost due to the unlawful sale of unregistered securities.

Real Estate Litigation — We bring over 35 years of experience to resolving real estate and title issues in the courtroom or through summary judgment.

Contract Litigation — If your business associate, supplier or customer has breached a contract with you — or has accused you of defaulting on a contract — we can advise you and vigorously represent your best interests in any litigation.

Construction Litigation — In the practice of construction law, we combine our experience with the professional opinions of engineering experts, appraisers and other industry professionals to help you resolve any construction-related dispute, including construction defect claims.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes — When landlords and tenants are locked in disputes over leases or wrongful eviction, we can advise you on the applicable law, protect your interest and bring the appropriate lawsuit.

Deed and Probate Litigation — Undue influence, fraud or mental incompetence can result in a windfall for an unethical, overreaching beneficiary of a will or grantee of a deed. We can bring an action to invalidate the will or the deed that was wrongfully procured.

Legal and Professional Malpractice — If a lawyer, accountant or another professional has negligently mishandled your affairs or your lawsuit and caused you financial loss, we can bring a malpractice action against the negligent or incompetent professional.

Appeals — We handle all types of civil appeals in both the state and federal systems, in a variety of matters such as real estate, commercial cases, civil procedure issues, jurisdictional attacks, constitutional issues, and defaults that should or should not have been set aside.

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