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Contract litigation requires a knowledgeable and experienced attorney committed to discerning how the courts will interpret your contract and what will be the consequences of a breach. There are frequently ambiguous, competing or contradictory clauses. We are thorough and detail-orientated at Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. in Miami, Florida.

Contract litigation experience is more than just reviewing the words in the document. It involves understanding the facts of your case and the likely judicial interpretation of the document. Contact us for help at 305-579-0000.

In-Depth Review and Analysis of Contracts

At Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L., we perform an in-depth review and analysis of a contract. You may be accused of breaching a contract. You may be convinced that another party has failed to comply with its contract with you. Our job is to apply the language of the contract to the operative facts and circumstances. Our attention to detail could prevent contentious and costly contract litigation.

Over Three Decades of Contract Litigation Experience at Work for You

Warren P. Gammill, the founder of our firm, brings over 35 years of contract litigation experience to his clients. He not only possesses a thorough knowledge of contract law, but also the rules for contract construction (interpretation) applied by the courts. Mr. Gammill also argues to the court the conflict-of-laws rules that the court should apply in deciding whether to follow the law of Florida or of another jurisdiction with respect to the formation, performance, or breach of a particular contract.

His background and skills will be an asset to you on your contract litigation case.

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