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At Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. in Miami, Florida, we represent clients in property and money disputes following the death of a loved one.

Probate and Deed Litigation Involving Undue Influence or Mental Incompetence

Most undue-influence cases that come to Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. involve a family member or a caregiver using undue influence to benefit financially from a deed, will or trust. We are experienced trial lawyers who know how to contest a deed, will or trust if the conveyance, gift or bequest is unnatural or contrary to the ancestor's known wishes. Often, the mental competence of the individual creating the deed, gift, will, or trust is at issue.

In deed and probate litigation, we focus on issues involving unethical family members or fiduciaries. Our job is to build your case based on the facts and the legal presumptions. You have remedies.

Did the decedent use his or her regular lawyer, or did the beneficiary pick the lawyer? Did the beneficiary accompany the decedent to the lawyer's office? Did the beneficiary control or cut off the decedent's contact with other members of the family? These are some of the indications of exercising undue influence over the decedent in connection with the making of a will or a deed. Contact us online or call 305-579-0000 for help.

Contesting Wills and Disputing Trusts

In cases involving allegations of undue influence or mental incompetence, we will bring the truth to light in a will contest or a civil action to void the deed. Your deceased family member deserves a voice when he or she can no longer speak in person. We make the facts and circumstances speak.

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