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Florida lease dispute forces owner into bankruptcy

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants can become rancorous as they disagree over the other’s obligations. Both parties can often interpret the terms of the lease in diametrically opposed ways, leading to impasses that can ultimately harm everyone involved. When these gridlocks occur, an attorney may need to be brought in to mediate or even litigate if the case winds up in court.

Can online reviews be considered defamation?

Running a business in Florida is a rewarding endeavor, but it comes with its own set of perils. You’ve got a bottom line to worry about, employees to satisfy and, oftentimes, ornery customers to deal with. The advent of the Internet has magnified the latter issue tenfold as sites seemingly pop up every week that give customers free rein to criticize your product or service. Some of this is good and can serve to spur you to fine tune your company.

Oracle wins court battle in business dispute against Google

Every Florida business owner will agree that they want their business to do well and most are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve that success. However, as success grows, so does competition and companies may be tempted to succumb to unfair business practices to gain a step on their competitors.

South Miami reaches agreement with YMCA over lease dispute

The YMCA has been locked in a back-and-forth with the city of South Miami for more than a year over the terms of a lease. The not-for-profit organization signed the lease to allow them to operate in Downrite Park, a 10-acre green space that residents also refer to as South Miami Park.