June 2014 Archives

Miami's Lincoln Road real estate market is booming

It’s no secret that Miami’s — and all of Florida’s, for that matter — real estate market took a huge hit in the recession. But the area is now undergoing a revival of sorts, with prices going back up and investors swooping in to buy the vacant spots left around town.

Supreme Court: Pom's unfair competition lawsuit can proceed

Many business owners in Florida would agree: competitors don’t always play fair. As a business owner, you’d like to think that the playing field is always level and that your competition will always act responsibly, but when money is at stake, sometimes companies utilize unfair business practices that can potentially kill your business.

Publisher in heated contract dispute with Amazon

Part of running a business in Florida means reaching and signing contracts with other companies that might be able to help your venture succeed. Sometimes, the contract process goes without a hitch and things go quite swimmingly for all the parties involved. Sometimes, however, disputes arise between companies during the process of trying to reach or renew a contract or after a contract has been formed.

Florida suit over construction defects now in its fourth year

Real estate, whether a new Miami high-rise or a single family home, is a huge investment. For most, it’s the biggest investment they’ll ever make in life. When you do decide to put your hard-earned money into real estate, you want to protect your investment at all costs. You’ll spend countless hours fixing it up, maintaining it and imbuing it with your special touch. So, when something threatens your property, it can be heartbreaking.