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What to look for when leasing property for business

You have decided it is time to strike out on your own and start your own business in Florida. But running a business is not easy and one mistake could be the difference between a great success and closing one's doors. One thing you don't want to do is stumble out of the blocks by leasing the wrong space.

City makes breach of contract complaint against developer

When doing land development work in Florida, parties that wish to work together in a manner of mutual interest must make an agreement regarding the role each party shall play in the endeavor. A contract helps to provide assurances to both sides that their unified vision will be fulfilled. But should one or both of the parties become dissatisfied with the work being done by the other, then the analysis of a contract may be in order.

Married couple battles developer over construction defects

For many Floridians, home ownership is a key element of their personal aspirations and dreams. Often, buying a home can be viewed as a statement of commitment to family, as it is a way to provide them with safe, comfortable shelter. It is also a serious financial commitment which should not be undertaken lightly. When people put such an emotional and monetary investment into something, they deserve fair treatment in regard to what they purchase.

Florida real estate developer accused of fraud

During boom periods in Florida’s real estate market, there is ample opportunity for investors to turn a tidy profit by putting up money for development projects. When an investor partners with a developer, both sides expect that the other will act in accordance with the stipulations laid out in their contract agreement.

Three caught allegedly embezzling from company

Businesses in Florida can well expect adversarial conduct from rivals. In some cases, competition can become so heated that laws or regulations are violated in the name of getting ahead. While this behavior is not pleasant to try and counter, it is not that surprising. What can be surprising and downright saddening is when a business discovers that they are victims of tortious interference not from an outside competitor, but rather from an in-house employee.