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Federal indictment outlines couple?s alleged bank fraud

Things are changing so rapidly in our ever advancing society that at times it may feel like we have collectively left all semblance of our heritage securely in the past. But then an incident occurs that reminds us that in spite of all the cosmetic changes in our Miami landscape, there is truly very little that is new under the Florida sun.

What are possible avenues of recourse for stockholder fraud?

Anyone who decides to invest in a company should do so with their eyes wide open. All investments, regardless of how good they may seem, carry with them the inherent risk of not yielding a return. However, there are times when investors place their trust and their funds in what turns out to be a certain money loser. This happens when a person or an entity perpetuates stockholder fraud.

Many elements can determine best choice for business property

One mantra often repeated about small businesses is “location, location, location.” One simple word said in repetition to drive home a vital idea: where you locate your business can have a huge impact on how that business performs. In a previous post on this blog, we examined some general considerations you should make when looking at specific properties. This week we are going to look at what factors can determine the best location for your business.

Misinterpreted language can lead to contract disputes

In a scene from the classic Marx Brothers movie “A Night at the Opera,” Groucho and Chico go over the details of a contract. As the crazy negotiations reach a conclusion, Chico asks Groucho about the last clause in the contract. Groucho says that the clause nullifies the agreement if one of the parties proves not to be of sound mind. He tells Chico that it is called a sanity clause. Chico then replies, “You can’t fool me, there ain’t no Sanity Claus!”