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Certain actions prohibited in landlord-tenant disputes

Hopefully, after you have settled on terms and signed on the dotted line of a lease, the duration of your stay in a rented business property will be free of any serious disagreements with your landlord. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes do occur and a landlord may attempt to force a tenant from the premises. Such situations can prove very difficult, especially if the landlord acts in a particularly aggressive manner.

Careful editing makes for stronger contracts

Securing an important client’s business for your company is an extremely exciting event. It is even possible that a successful relationship with the right client can lead to even more business, which could help to spur growth and generate profits.

How to avoid problems with construction defects in a new home

When choosing a house to buy, many things must be taken into consideration. For many people, a house is a part of a long-term vision of a family growing safely and securely together through the years. So when you are able to take the plunge and make this important purchase, it is vital that the structure of your house is stable.

Chef files lawsuit claiming defamation

There are many obvious potential threats to the health of a business. Fires and floods can serve to shutter doors, perhaps permanently. Severe financial loss due to malfeasance may also cause insurmountable setbacks. But what about words? Words that are used to besmirch a business, or the proprietors of a business, can prove just as damaging as any flood, fire or theft. A damaged reputation can be more difficult to repair than a building or a bank account.