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Technology may take bigger role in commercial real estate deals

Many industries have benefited greatly from many of the technological innovations that have been developed in recent years. However, according to an article recently published on the Forbes website, commercial real estate has not been one of those industries.

Breach of contract can merit a variety of damages

When you enter into a contract with another party, it is expected that the agreement’s terms will be met. Contracts should be written in such a manner that both parties will derive value from adherence to its terms. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise and obligations are not met.

How can you be sure a developer is reputable?

For some, the anticipation of purchasing a newly built home may come with an abundance of excitement and enthusiasm. It is natural for everyone to want a place of their own where they can live as they please. Many people also love the idea of being able to personalize their house in both practical and aesthetic ways.

Unfair competition is bad for businesses and customers

There is a saying about business that goes, "competition brings out the best in products and the worst in man." These words read as humorous, but they ring as true. Competition has been a motivating factor behind many of our greatest product innovations.

Man convicted of crimes connected to embezzlement

If you own a company, you may have any number of valuable assets. If your company is large enough, you are likely in the position of having to trust some of your employees to safeguard those assets. Because of this fact, a trustworthy employee could also be considered a valued asset. However, an employee who betrays the faith they have been granted can be a genuine threat to a company’s financial well-being.