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Miami real estate flying high thanks to financial high fliers

To say that Miami’s high-end real estate industry is booming only begins to describe what is going on in the Magic City. In fact, according to a recent article in the Miami Herald, the current goings-on are downright magical. Being involved in commercial real estate can be very lucrative.

What legal protections are offered in international business?

When conducting business in Florida, there are state and federal statutes that offer protections against illegal practices. But what if you find yourself competing for opportunities with companies in other countries? Needless to say, if you are doing business on an international level, you want the same kind of legal safeguards you are afforded when working with companies within U.S. borders.

Antitrust laws exist to protect against unfair competition

Anyone who does business would like to see a profit from their hard work. You have every reason to want legal safeguards that effectively prevent others from engaging in unfair competition. Fortunately, laws have been created to help offer you just such protection.