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Contents of arbitration clauses require careful consideration

Companies can rarely survive in a vacuum. In order to conduct business, it is often necessary for a company to form contractual agreements with other parties. The services provided by these other parties can prove absolutely vital. But in order to avoid disputes, it is very important to give all terms contained in a contract careful consideration before signing.

Townhouse construction stopped in dispute over historic cemetery

In Florida, land for development is selling at a premium these days. Developers can reap tremendous financial rewards from a successfully executed real estate project. But they must also put up a great deal of capital in order to bring their plans to fruition. This means it is critical for everything to go as planned once construction commences. Should a construction project be halted due to a dispute, large sums of money could be lost.

How could zoning laws affect my business?

If you are planning on starting a business in Florida, it is important to do research on a variety of topics. For example, as we previously covered in a post on this blog, there are a number of factors to consider before signing a commercial property lease. Among these factors are zoning laws.

Contract disputes with foreign companies can be complex

Today, much of the business conducted by Florida companies extends beyond the state's borders. Companies are engaging in agreements and transactions on an international level. It is said that the world is becoming smaller because of the interconnectivity provided by the Internet. And it is easier than ever to hop on a plane and travel to any spot on the globe to conduct business in person.