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How do I reconcile bank accounts to prevent embezzlement?

As a business owner, you have plenty to worry about when it comes to financial matters. In order to keep the doors open, you must maintain a steady profit. You can ill-afford to suffer an unnecessary economic loss due to an employee illicitly taking your funds.

Mold due to construction defects can cause health issues

When you have a new home or other structures built, you want to closely examine the results to make sure there are no construction defects. Construction defects can range from those that are primarily aesthetic, to those that are extremely hazardous. Scratched floor tiling is unfortunate and should be fixed, but faulty wiring could cause a deadly fire.

Mobile phone service to pay settlement for deceptive practices

When companies compete fairly and according to the applicable laws, we all benefit: customers get the most for their money and companies can reap the financial rewards. Further, competition can spur innovation as companies create new products and services to capture the marketplace. Yet, this whole system becomes undermined when companies employ deceptive trade practices in order to lure customers.

Tenants may have disputes with landlords in spite of planning

One critical step that most business owners must take is choosing a property to lease. As we have written previously on this blog, there are a host of factors that you will want to take into consideration before signing a lease agreement. By doing careful research, you can educate yourself on such matters as zoning laws, proximity of suppliers and the local crime rates, which can help inform your decisions. Hopefully your efforts in choosing a property will pay off and you will be able to move into the perfect spot.

What can companies to do prevent leaks of trade secrets?

Employers have the right to protect their trade secrets. Companies often invest large sums of money developing processes and technologies that help offer unique services or products to customers. For this reason, trade secrets can give a company an edge over the competition.