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To keep up appearances, building maintenance is a must

For Florida businesses, projecting a strong, positive image is absolutely imperative. There are many aspects to keeping up a good appearance. It is important for employees to be knowledgeable, have strong customer service skills and dress appropriately for the company's specific business environment. And of course, the office or storefront in which the business is housed will speak volumes to current and potential customers.

What to do if hurricane season brings flood damage

In the fall season, Miami residents often find their attention drawn to both the Hurricanes and the hurricanes. The Hurricanes represent the University of Miami, and hopefully their football team will have a good season. On the other hand, we certainly hope the hurricanes that bring heavy rains will have a mild and uneventful season.

The difference between material and minor contract breaches

Once two parties reach an agreement in terms and sign on the dotted line of a contract, they are both legally obligated to follow through on their acknowledged promises. If one party should fail to deliver on their promises, then that party is said to be in breach of contract.