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Developers need their contractors to stick to game plan

Often the most important decisions a football coach makes involve which players will make the team and play in the games. A team simply cannot win without good players. Being a real estate developer is similar to being a coach in that it is important to select a team of good contractors in order to successfully complete your project.

Council members in Florida town confused by contract negotiations

Crafting a contract for a Florida real estate development deal can be a complex proposition. Contract creation involves careful attention to detail. In order to avoid possible disputes, it is always helpful to approach contract negotiations with patience and a clear idea of what you want the agreement to include.

How does the Uniform Commercial Code function?

In order for our economic system to function, companies and individuals must have protections that ensure when a transaction is agreed upon, that it is satisfactorily completed. After all, how else could business be conducted if all parties were not obligated to adhere to their agreements? Still, there are those who chose not to honor their commitments.

Equity-skimming scam targets Florida homeowners

Florida homeowners have had much to feel good about due to the real estate recovery that has taken place in recent years. Home values have been going up and so has the equity attached to the homes. But when an industry becomes infused with money, it often is also infused with fraudsters looking to take advantage of people who are experiencing financial setbacks.

Florida condos found to have serious construction defects

Florida is a beautiful state in which to live. Perhaps this is why people are often willing to pay premium prices for homes here. But when you put your hard earned money into a place to live, you expect that it will be a comfortable, secure and safe dwelling. If your home turns out to be rife with construction defects, you could find yourself facing extreme economic hardships.