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In what ways could I be a victim of securities fraud?

If you are a Florida business investor, it is important for you to get a fair chance at getting money back after investing in helping a company grow. One bad investment could cause you to suffer severe financial loss and threaten your ability to make future investments.

Judge tosses developer's lawsuit against homeowners

The Florida real estate business is giving many developers ample opportunities to make money with their many and varied construction projects. The building of condominiums is one area that is particularly appealing to some developers. These sorts of projects signify the rapid growth that parts of Florida are currently experiencing.

Construction defects can offset benefits of homeownership

One of the many perks of working hard and making a good living is the ability to purchase a new home. In addition to being your own personal domain, a house can be an important financial investment. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits afforded by homeownership.

A business can take protective measures to protect bank accounts

Almost all businesses, regardless of type or size, conduct at least some of their accounting-related work online. This may include taking orders and accepting payments from customers via the company's website, or making bank transactions. The fact is, most businesses simply could not function without being able to move funds via the Internet.