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Classic movie shows dangers of bad partnerships

One of the most interesting aspects of the gangster classic "The Godfather" is the film's depiction of how the various families conducted business among themselves. The fictional mafia clans were willing to go to violent extremes when it came to achieving their goals. One justification repeated by several characters that committed egregious acts was that their behavior was nothing personal, but strictly business.

What do venture capitalists want in return for investments?

If you are an aspiring commercial real estate developer, you are likely chomping at the bit to get in on the opportunities that seem to abound in Florida's thriving market. You may even have a project in mind that you are sure will prove successful. Whether your idea involves building condominiums or commercial business facilities, it will take money to bring your plans to fruition.

What are the first steps in choosing a homebuilder?

Moving into a home built to your specifications could be one of the most exciting events of your life. A custom-built house can be both a home and a personal expression. But there are many steps to take even before the first shovel breaks ground on the home's location. And one of these steps is choosing the right builder to get the job done.

Thought and patience important when crafting business contracts

When entering a business partnership, there is no absolute guarantee that things will ultimately work out as planned. However, your best bet at avoiding disputes down the road is to clearly and concisely delineate the terms of the partnership in a contract.

Federal acts may help you counter unfair business practices

They say all's fair in love and war, but what about business? Well, fortunately, business relies on laws to allow everyone a fair shot at succeeding in the marketplace. And while most companies and individuals understand where the lines are drawn, there are those who will do whatever they think they can get away with in order to gain the upper hand.