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What assets can be used for a business loan?

Occasionally, small business owners experience brief periods of financial strain. This may occur when there is a small disparity between money coming in and money going out. When small business owners experience these lags, they may be able to obtain a short-term loan by using business assets. Lenders of these types of asset-based loans typically only accept specific types of assets as collateral.

The reasonable restraint of trade

Restraint of trade is essentially the unlawful act of preventing someone from doing business. Although alone it is not a tort, it is a legal doctrine that relates to a wide range of torts that unlawfully restrict a business's operation. While the idea of a restraint of trade may be easily understood as an unlawful practice, it is not always illegal. In fact, some forms of restraints of trade are legitimate and can be upheld by the court.

How do you determine fair market value for a commercial property?

When you own a business, your profit margin is extremely important. And every dollar you put into expenses, no matter how necessary, is one less dollar in profit. Therefore, you want to get the most out of the money you invest in your business expenses. And you certainly do not want to overpay for rent.