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Understand what is expected of you when advertising

Depending on the type of business you own, you may advertise to sell your services or goods. If you do, you are held to a certain standard when it comes to truth in advertising. In order to avoid allegations of deceptive business practices, you may want to speak with an experienced business law attorney before advertising to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is expected of you.

How do I identify unfair competition practices?

Unfair competition refers to the type of business tort that interferes with a business's reputation or success. Although the term unfair competition actually encompasses many different types of business torts, identifying a case of unfair competition may be difficult without the help of an attorney. If you believe your business has been the victim of unfair competition practices, you may want to speak with an experienced business law lawyer.

What the law says about contracts

Generally speaking, contracts are enforced and governed by laws in the states where the contracts were made. Depending on the type of contract, it will either be enforced by the common law or the Uniform Commercial Code. While both the common law and the Uniform Commercial Code govern contracts based on a set of guidelines, they vary greatly in their method and purpose.

What are the most common causes of construction disputes?

Nothing can put quite as costly of a stop to a construction project as a construction dispute. Whether you are a property owner, investor or contractor, understanding the most common causes of construction disputes may help you draft a more comprehensive and effective dispute resolution plan, and may also save you valuable time and money.

Solve your commercial dispute quickly with an attorney

Commercial real estate represents a significant investment to both owners and tenants. When issues arise, it may be critical to the business tenant's financial health that they are resolved quickly. Fortunately, for all types of commercial landlord-tenant disputes, there are attorneys that can help.