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Don't let embezzlement charges ruin your life

Although most white-collar crimes don't carry the same negative connotations as other crimes, they can still take a toll on an individual's life. Embezzlement charges, for example, have a way of following people around forever without any chance of redemption. No other action can bring your character into question like allegations of thievery. If you are facing false allegations of embezzlement, you may want to work with an experienced business law attorney. They can help defend you against charges that may forever tarnish your reputation and character.

How do conversion and theft differ?

As a business owner, you cannot afford to lose access to your valuable assets. Typically, if someone steals your property, he or she can face criminal charges. However, there are situations in which you may be deprived of the ability to use your property, but this deprivation may not be considered theft, but rather conversion.

How do I know I've hired a good tradesman?

Part of any building project, whether it be new construction or a remodel, is hiring contractors and tradesmen with the skill and experience necessary to complete the project. No matter how complex or minor your project may be, as a property owner you want to know the job is done right. After all, property represents a significant investment, and the last thing homeowners want to deal with is a lengthy legal dispute after shoddy work.

The importance of drafting a fair and effective contract

Contracts are useful tools businesses utilize every day to make agreements with individuals, other companies, contractors and employees. In fact, you could say that contracts make the business world go 'round. Unfortunately, sometimes the same contracts that are meant to protect are unfairly written and are completely ineffective. To avoid these common mistakes, you may want to work with an experienced business law attorney to ensure your next contract is both effective and enforceable.