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Recourses for victims of fake news stories

It was not that long ago that people depended on printed newspapers to learn about happenings in the world around them. As the world began to go digital, many legitimate newspapers and magazines made the switch, allowing commuters to scan headlines on their tablets and smart phones as opposed to relying on physical papers. As people come to rely less on legitimate news sources and more on social media however, a spate of fake news stories has begun wrecking havoc on both individuals and businesses.

The high price of fraudulent products

The Internet has forever changed the way retail companies do business. Online marketplaces and plug-and-play website creation sites make it simple for any layperson to open an ecommerce business. These platforms allow businesses to reach customers that they would not otherwise have the power to reach.

Beware customers willing to sell out their goodwill

President-elect Donald Trump has been at the center of a tremendous amount of controversy. For some time, the media on both sides of the aisle have had a field day examining how Trump manages to hire contractors who build beautiful, expensive buildings and then pay said contractors a fraction of the agreed upon cost. While this practice may be unethical, Trump is not doing anything illegal. In fact, he's taking full advantage of existing laws. And by knowing about his tactics, contractors may be able to protect themselves in the future from those who do not wish to pay.