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Breach of Contract

The contractor: A blanket term used for individuals who provide services for business and individuals often outside the scope of their own services or abilities. if you?re a homeowner, you may have contractors coming over to work on repairs or installations. If you?re a business owner, you may have contractors making deliveries to or from you, or assisting with changes to storefronts and buildings. The one common element between contractors is theĀ contract; a legally enforceable agreement between parties. In the case of home repairs, perhaps a clause in the contract includes additional property damages, or something time sensitive like a water heater repair before winter.

What constitutes a signature?

For centuries, people have been using their signatures to signal their consent to some agreement. Sometimes, it was a person's name written in a cursive or stylized manner. Other times, a simple "X" could be used when the signer couldn't write his or her name. Now we've moved past physical signing and into the digital realm which raises a simple yet important question: what is a signature?

Understanding opinions vs. deceptive trade practices

The internet has helped to make consumers significantly savvier than they were a decade ago. It's now common to see someone standing in an aisle of a store, looking up information on their phone before making the decision to buy a product. Manufacturers have to think twice before making claims as it only takes ten seconds for a buyer to perform a Google search to discover that the "world's best" gizmo has a host of problems and negative reviews.

Stranger cases have existed

Occasionally a person with a problem thinks "maybe I should consult an attorney." The person considers his or her circumstances, and then decides the problem is too strange or embarrassing to be shared with an attorney. Lawyers, however, are no stranger to the bizarre. Here are merely two examples of real tort cases. Please note that while these are real cases, this law firm was not directly involved with either of them; for reasons of confidentiality, real cases handled by this firm cannot be discussed on this blog.

Can tortious interference apply to at-will contracts?

An at-will contract is one in which the client is free to end the relationship at any time without penalty. This contrasts with a long-term contract. Leases, for example, are typically long-term contracts. A contract with a cleaning company, however, may be an at-will contract; the business contracting with the cleaning company is free to stop using cleaning company A and start using cleaning company B at any time. Yet tortious interference can still apply to at-will contracts.