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When non-compete agreements go too far: Important things to know

When does a non-compete agreement protect an employer's legitimate business interests and when does it unnecessarily limit someone's ability to make a living? In general, it's estimated that one-fifth of the United States' workforce is under a non-compete agreement. However, those agreements are facing increasing scrutiny and many may not be enforceable.

Time to close up shop? Here's how to do it

Whether your business is struggling financially or you've decided it just isn't what you love to do anymore, if you're closing down, there are some things you need to know. Hanging a closed sign on the store isn't going to cut it — there are contracts with employees, obligations to creditors, tax implications and more to figure out before you can actually bid farewell.

Resolve to start your commercial lease off right

Commercial leases are lengthy and complex documents. Whenever you choose to enter into a commercial lease, whether it's for office or retail space, it is always wise to have your attorney look the lease over for potential pitfalls before you sign on the dotted line. Here are four items to take into consideration when looking over a lease:

Do I really need a business lawyer?

When you're starting a business, funds are tight. You run the numbers, and there's just never enough to go around. So many small businesses see business lawyers as a luxury or as an emergency flotation device; you'll only need one when things get dicey. However, having an attorney by your side may actually save your business money in the long run. That's because business attorneys do a whole lot more than just bail businesses out of trouble.

How to get a variance for a home business

Zoning restricts the purpose for which a property can be used. Grouping properties by their use helps the government protect property values and makes a community more functional -- but zoning restrictions can be a tremendous hurdle to overcome if you're trying to start a small business. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Workers' compensation and your daily drive

Fall is here, and winter is fast approaching. While everyone under the age of about 6 loves rainy days and snowy days, commuters have reason to dread this time of year. Slick and icy roads make for hazardous driving conditions, and accidents can turn commutes already laden with traffic into stop-and-go horror shows.