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Pick the right attorney for your antitrust case

Competition laws, or antitrust regulations, are designed to protect consumers against predatory business habits. They're intended to help make sure that the open market remains competitive and help prevent monopolies. In turn, that helps protect consumers against artificially inflated prices and overly limited supplies.

Florida joins massive antitrust probe into Google, Facebook

With the addition of Florida, at least 48 states have joined together to investigate allegations of possible antitrust violations by Google. The tech industry giant has come under congressional scrutiny lately for the way that its platform manages public and private data.

Handling embezzlement from within your company

Embezzlement is usually a crime of opportunity and hubris combined. Most embezzlers hold positions of implicit trust inside their companies that make it easy for them to take money without anyone noticing (for a while). That's why your first reaction, once you realize that an employee or business partner has embezzled from the firm, may be shock and horror. After all, you trusted this person!