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Miami Beach, cannabis company at odds over zoning restrictions

A cannabis company signed a 10-year lease and put $1.2 million into property renovations and construction on the site of its new Miami Beach marijuana dispensary -- and then had its final building permit abruptly denied because the new dispensary would be roughly 100 feet from an existing dispensary.

What is a defective work claim in construction disputes?

A defective work claim is one of the most common sources of conflict during construction. Property owners are understandably upset when they find out that their new home suffers from a serious construction defect that is going to be expensive -- if not impossible -- to fix.

How should you approach a contractor about a problem?

A lot of disputes with contractors start out small. They end up turning into something big because people aren't sure how to handle the issue. They'll either delay talking to the contractor (which can give a relatively minor problem time to morph into a really huge problem) or approach the contractor in a way that creates unnecessary hostility.