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Avoid post-hurricane scams in Florida

Even as this is being written, Florida is bracing for Hurricane Dorian. With hurricanes, it's always a "will-it-or-won't-it" type of situation. Residents often prep their homes and stock up on provisions to be safe, but they never really know if the hurricane will hit hard or mostly skip them by.

What happens when a subcontractor makes a big mistake?

As a general contractor, you probably tend to rely on your subcontractors for a lot of the actual work that gets done on your projects. After all, you can't be everywhere at once -- nor an expert in every field. You do your best to hire subcontractors that are reputable, experienced and dependable for every project -- but sometimes mistakes happen or a subcontractor just doesn't live up to his or her reputation.

Miami Beach, cannabis company at odds over zoning restrictions

A cannabis company signed a 10-year lease and put $1.2 million into property renovations and construction on the site of its new Miami Beach marijuana dispensary -- and then had its final building permit abruptly denied because the new dispensary would be roughly 100 feet from an existing dispensary.