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A deal's a deal, even when it rests on a handshake

There's an old adage that "an oral contract is worth the paper it's written on," but that isn't always true -- and people who underestimate the legalities of a handshake bargain sometimes find out, to their dismay, that they're going to be held to their word.

How a simple agreement becomes a contract

There's a big difference between a simple agreement and a legal contract. For one thing, breaking an agreement might not make you any friends, but it probably won't land you in court. Break a contract, however, and you can just about count seeing the inside of a courtroom in the future.

Breach of Contract

The contractor: A blanket term used for individuals who provide services for business and individuals often outside the scope of their own services or abilities. if you?re a homeowner, you may have contractors coming over to work on repairs or installations. If you?re a business owner, you may have contractors making deliveries to or from you, or assisting with changes to storefronts and buildings. The one common element between contractors is theĀ contract; a legally enforceable agreement between parties. In the case of home repairs, perhaps a clause in the contract includes additional property damages, or something time sensitive like a water heater repair before winter.