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Can you sue over a bad customer review?

People have always asked around for recommendations before they do business. After all, they work hard for their money. They want to know they're spending it in a place that will give them what they expect at a fair price. Once upon a time, they might have approached a neighbor to ask where they should eat dinner or what contractor they should hire.

InfoWars sued for defamation over conspiracy allegations

Shootings in high schools and other places have been the focus of a lot of controversy -- which means that everyone in the news industry is looking for a spin that will attract interest. One high-profile site, the InfoWars blog run by controversial conspiracy-theorist Alex Jones, may have gone a little too far, however, and defamed an innocent man.

Lowering the cost of electronic discovery in business lawsuits

A company can't just turn over everything in its databases because they've been hit with a discovery order in a lawsuit. Only relevant information should be turned over in order to make certain that the company is both protected from unnecessary exposure and to keep down final costs -- the more documents that the opposing counsel has to filter through, the higher legal fees are going to ultimately be for both sides.