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Equifax hack casts shadow over many small businesses

When most people heard about the hack into the Equifax database -- one of the top three credit reporting agencies used in the country -- the reaction was widespread shock. It's actually hard to comprehend how many people may be affected since the agency collects credit data on most of the nation.

Ponzi scheme case ends in $17.4 million judgment

It has taken seven long years, but the victims of a precious metals Ponzi scheme may finally be able to recover some of their lost investments now that the court has entered a $17.4 million judgment against the investment company's founder for breaching his fiduciary duty to his investors.

When non-compete agreements go too far: Important things to know

When does a non-compete agreement protect an employer's legitimate business interests and when does it unnecessarily limit someone's ability to make a living? In general, it's estimated that one-fifth of the United States' workforce is under a non-compete agreement. However, those agreements are facing increasing scrutiny and many may not be enforceable.

Time to close up shop? Here's how to do it

Whether your business is struggling financially or you've decided it just isn't what you love to do anymore, if you're closing down, there are some things you need to know. Hanging a closed sign on the store isn't going to cut it — there are contracts with employees, obligations to creditors, tax implications and more to figure out before you can actually bid farewell.