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Know your property rights after an eviction

There's nothing like an eviction to put a landlord and a commercial tenant at odds and civility out the window. The reality is that anyone running a business can face financial problems that can end up in an eviction. It's just one of the hazards of life for landlords.

How to negotiate a commercial lease

When you decide to sign a lease for an office, you might think it similar to renting an apartment or signing a simple rental contract. But the reality is that leasing a business location can actually be very complicated and if it is not done right, it can lead to a very costly and complicated situation.

Resolve to start your commercial lease off right

Commercial leases are lengthy and complex documents. Whenever you choose to enter into a commercial lease, whether it's for office or retail space, it is always wise to have your attorney look the lease over for potential pitfalls before you sign on the dotted line. Here are four items to take into consideration when looking over a lease: