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Intentions can determine if an interference is improper

Competition is a key element of business in Florida. In fact, for some, competition may be the most compelling part of owning and running a business. It is perfectly appropriate to strategize a way to gain an advantage in the marketplace. However, there are legal boundaries and if someone oversteps these boundaries, he or she may have committed an act of tortious interference.

Suit settled for alleged breach of contract in development deal

As the Florida real estate industry continues to flourish, development contracts are continuously being struck. But if you invest money in developing a property, it is important that your investment pays off. If a contract dispute emerges, it is possible the matter may call for legal intervention.

City makes breach of contract complaint against developer

When doing land development work in Florida, parties that wish to work together in a manner of mutual interest must make an agreement regarding the role each party shall play in the endeavor. A contract helps to provide assurances to both sides that their unified vision will be fulfilled. But should one or both of the parties become dissatisfied with the work being done by the other, then the analysis of a contract may be in order.

Florida real estate developer accused of fraud

During boom periods in Florida’s real estate market, there is ample opportunity for investors to turn a tidy profit by putting up money for development projects. When an investor partners with a developer, both sides expect that the other will act in accordance with the stipulations laid out in their contract agreement.

H-P shareholder lawsuit settled for $57 million

Hewlett-Packard settled a shareholder lawsuit that stemmed from a surprising decision by the company in 2011. In that year, then-CEO Leo Apotheker decided that the company would potentially get rid of their personal computer side of the business and focus more on business services. H-P also wanted to make a few business purchases, making it a turbulent time for the company.