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Construction defects could lead to growth of mold

Making aesthetic choices may be the most enjoyable part of having a new home built to your specifications. Since it will be your home you can decide on everything, from the color of the walls to the style of the faucets. And while such details are important, so too is the overall quality of the home's construction. No matter how beautiful a home may look, construction defects can render any structure unpleasant or even dangerous. If a house lacks structural integrity, a variety of serious issues could arise. One potential hazard that can develop in a house is mold. Mold can grow due to water intrusion caused by faulty plumbing or leaks. Once mold is detected in a home, it must be eliminated or the home could become uninhabitable. On its website, the Centers for Disease Control states that limiting the potential for mold growth may be accomplished through proper building design. The CDC states that it is important that moisture-sensitive materials be kept dry. Also, in areas of a structure that will likely be exposed to moisture, building materials that offer an environment that inhibits mold growth should be used.

Construction defects can make for fun in movies but not real life

In the film "The Money Pit," Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play a young couple who purchase a house that they think is a bargain. But very quickly, their collective hope for their home turns into disappointment as problems begin to mount.

Proposed bill may complicate filing construction defects suits in Florida

Having a new house built in Florida takes time, effort and money. When all the work is completed, you should have the home that you planned for. Sadly, sometimes homeowners discover construction defects in their newly completed homes. When this happens, there are different options available to have the issues corrected. One possible option is to take those parties responsible to court.

Married couple battles developer over construction defects

For many Floridians, home ownership is a key element of their personal aspirations and dreams. Often, buying a home can be viewed as a statement of commitment to family, as it is a way to provide them with safe, comfortable shelter. It is also a serious financial commitment which should not be undertaken lightly. When people put such an emotional and monetary investment into something, they deserve fair treatment in regard to what they purchase.

Florida suit over construction defects now in its fourth year

Real estate, whether a new Miami high-rise or a single family home, is a huge investment. For most, it’s the biggest investment they’ll ever make in life. When you do decide to put your hard-earned money into real estate, you want to protect your investment at all costs. You’ll spend countless hours fixing it up, maintaining it and imbuing it with your special touch. So, when something threatens your property, it can be heartbreaking.