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Married couple battles developer over construction defects

For many Floridians, home ownership is a key element of their personal aspirations and dreams. Often, buying a home can be viewed as a statement of commitment to family, as it is a way to provide them with safe, comfortable shelter. It is also a serious financial commitment which should not be undertaken lightly. When people put such an emotional and monetary investment into something, they deserve fair treatment in regard to what they purchase.

Florida suit over construction defects now in its fourth year

Real estate, whether a new Miami high-rise or a single family home, is a huge investment. For most, it’s the biggest investment they’ll ever make in life. When you do decide to put your hard-earned money into real estate, you want to protect your investment at all costs. You’ll spend countless hours fixing it up, maintaining it and imbuing it with your special touch. So, when something threatens your property, it can be heartbreaking.