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How do I know if I am being defamed by competitor?s add?

Successful businesses are built by hard work. It is also important to secure and maintain customer patronage. When you have played by the rules, you have every reason to expect you can achieve your goals in the marketplace. But your opportunities can be unfairly diminished if a competitor chooses to undermine your efforts by defaming you or your company. One way competitors may attempt to interfere with your business is by putting false or libelous claims in their advertising.But what could constitute unfair advertising? It is perfectly acceptable for one company to mention another company in its advertising. But whatever statements are made must be factually accurate. For instance, let's say that you are a Realtor who handles properties strictly in Miami-Dade County. If your competitor sells homes in Miami-Dade plus other counties, it is permissible for them to point out this contrast in their advertisements.However, the competitor cannot cast aspersions on your business by claiming that you and your sales staff engage in deceptive or high pressure sales tactics. If you become the target of such malicious claims, you may have grounds for a lawsuit based on federal or state laws.It is imperative that you maintain your good name if you want your business to remain competitive. You simply cannot afford to allow a competitor to besmirch your enterprise by making false claims in advertising. You could suffer a profound economic loss should the reputation of your company be badly and unfairly damaged.

Clear discipline policies protect employers

Running a business has many challenges. One of the principal challenges is keeping employees happy, while still making sure their behavior is in accordance with company standards. Should a worker in some way violate company rules, they may have to face some form of discipline. The situation could even call for that worker to be terminated. But a terminated employee may become so agitated that they file a malicious lawsuit as a response.

Antitrust laws exist to protect against unfair competition

Anyone who does business would like to see a profit from their hard work. You have every reason to want legal safeguards that effectively prevent others from engaging in unfair competition. Fortunately, laws have been created to help offer you just such protection.

Man convicted of crimes connected to embezzlement

If you own a company, you may have any number of valuable assets. If your company is large enough, you are likely in the position of having to trust some of your employees to safeguard those assets. Because of this fact, a trustworthy employee could also be considered a valued asset. However, an employee who betrays the faith they have been granted can be a genuine threat to a company’s financial well-being.

It is possible to recoup losses from fraudulent transactions

Near the beginning of the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross,” a character named Blake, played by Alec Baldwin, is dressing down an underperforming sales staff at a real estate office. Blake chides the staff by telling them that the only thing in life that matters is to “get them to sign on the line which is dotted.” He is, of course, referring to potential customers. As it turns out, Blake’s company is in the business of misleading people into overpaying for parcels of land.

Federal indictment outlines couple?s alleged bank fraud

Things are changing so rapidly in our ever advancing society that at times it may feel like we have collectively left all semblance of our heritage securely in the past. But then an incident occurs that reminds us that in spite of all the cosmetic changes in our Miami landscape, there is truly very little that is new under the Florida sun.

President of firm convicted of fraud in real estate deals

The process of buying and selling commercial real estate property in Florida has many complexities. For this reason, there will always be opportunities for dishonest players to perpetrate acts of fraud as a means of turning a profit. A recent story that comes out of Virginia can serve as a lesson in how a mendacious broker may attempt to illicitly skim proceeds from the sale of property.

Three caught allegedly embezzling from company

Businesses in Florida can well expect adversarial conduct from rivals. In some cases, competition can become so heated that laws or regulations are violated in the name of getting ahead. While this behavior is not pleasant to try and counter, it is not that surprising. What can be surprising and downright saddening is when a business discovers that they are victims of tortious interference not from an outside competitor, but rather from an in-house employee.

Can online reviews be considered defamation?

Running a business in Florida is a rewarding endeavor, but it comes with its own set of perils. You’ve got a bottom line to worry about, employees to satisfy and, oftentimes, ornery customers to deal with. The advent of the Internet has magnified the latter issue tenfold as sites seemingly pop up every week that give customers free rein to criticize your product or service. Some of this is good and can serve to spur you to fine tune your company.