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Three caught allegedly embezzling from company

Businesses in Florida can well expect adversarial conduct from rivals. In some cases, competition can become so heated that laws or regulations are violated in the name of getting ahead. While this behavior is not pleasant to try and counter, it is not that surprising. What can be surprising and downright saddening is when a business discovers that they are victims of tortious interference not from an outside competitor, but rather from an in-house employee.

Can online reviews be considered defamation?

Running a business in Florida is a rewarding endeavor, but it comes with its own set of perils. You’ve got a bottom line to worry about, employees to satisfy and, oftentimes, ornery customers to deal with. The advent of the Internet has magnified the latter issue tenfold as sites seemingly pop up every week that give customers free rein to criticize your product or service. Some of this is good and can serve to spur you to fine tune your company.