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Proposed bill may complicate filing construction defects suits in Florida

Having a new house built in Florida takes time, effort and money. When all the work is completed, you should have the home that you planned for. Sadly, sometimes homeowners discover construction defects in their newly completed homes. When this happens, there are different options available to have the issues corrected. One possible option is to take those parties responsible to court.

Breach of contract can merit a variety of damages

When you enter into a contract with another party, it is expected that the agreement’s terms will be met. Contracts should be written in such a manner that both parties will derive value from adherence to its terms. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise and obligations are not met.

Different types of contracts can be legally binding

When parties decide to enter some form of mutually beneficial venture, they may create a contract so as to have a clear and legally binding agreement. A contract can help keep a project on track and ensure that all involved receive a satisfactory outcome to their plans.

Misinterpreted language can lead to contract disputes

In a scene from the classic Marx Brothers movie “A Night at the Opera,” Groucho and Chico go over the details of a contract. As the crazy negotiations reach a conclusion, Chico asks Groucho about the last clause in the contract. Groucho says that the clause nullifies the agreement if one of the parties proves not to be of sound mind. He tells Chico that it is called a sanity clause. Chico then replies, “You can’t fool me, there ain’t no Sanity Claus!”

City makes breach of contract complaint against developer

When doing land development work in Florida, parties that wish to work together in a manner of mutual interest must make an agreement regarding the role each party shall play in the endeavor. A contract helps to provide assurances to both sides that their unified vision will be fulfilled. But should one or both of the parties become dissatisfied with the work being done by the other, then the analysis of a contract may be in order.

Publisher in heated contract dispute with Amazon

Part of running a business in Florida means reaching and signing contracts with other companies that might be able to help your venture succeed. Sometimes, the contract process goes without a hitch and things go quite swimmingly for all the parties involved. Sometimes, however, disputes arise between companies during the process of trying to reach or renew a contract or after a contract has been formed.

South Miami reaches agreement with YMCA over lease dispute

The YMCA has been locked in a back-and-forth with the city of South Miami for more than a year over the terms of a lease. The not-for-profit organization signed the lease to allow them to operate in Downrite Park, a 10-acre green space that residents also refer to as South Miami Park.