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How do I know I've hired a good tradesman?

Part of any building project, whether it be new construction or a remodel, is hiring contractors and tradesmen with the skill and experience necessary to complete the project. No matter how complex or minor your project may be, as a property owner you want to know the job is done right. After all, property represents a significant investment, and the last thing homeowners want to deal with is a lengthy legal dispute after shoddy work.

What are the most common causes of construction disputes?

Nothing can put quite as costly of a stop to a construction project as a construction dispute. Whether you are a property owner, investor or contractor, understanding the most common causes of construction disputes may help you draft a more comprehensive and effective dispute resolution plan, and may also save you valuable time and money.

Using a flow down clause to resolve construction disputes

During any type of construction project, contracts and written agreements are made between owners and contractors to ensure the satisfactory completion of a project. Occasionally, contractors will sub out a portion of the work. When this arrangement is made, the responsibility of the contractor to deliver satisfactory work is extended to the sub by way of a flow down clause. A flow down clause not only incorporates the sub-contractor into the agreement between a contractor and the owner, but it also serves to outline remedies, rights and responsibilities of a contractor-subcontractor relationship.

What are some indicators your home has electrical problems?

When you purchase a new home, you have every reason to expect that you will be able to live in it safely for many years to come. And if the builders did their jobs correctly, you should have no trouble doing just that. However, if the homebuilders cut corners by using substandard materials or if the work itself was not done properly, then your home could have serious defects.

Lump-sum contracts lay out obligations up front

If you are a construction developer who is planning a project, one of the first things you must decide is whether you want to use a contractor to perform the building tasks. If you should decide to enlist the services of a contractor, then you will need to create a contract covering the terms of the project. In this post we will look at the most common type of written agreement used by developers and contractors, which is the lump-sum contract.

What are the advantages of a production home?

When it comes to having a home built from the ground up, you have two basic choices. First, go the custom home route, wherein you are able to have every single aspect of the house constructed to your own specifications. The other choice is to purchase a home that is built by a production builder.

What are the first steps in choosing a homebuilder?

Moving into a home built to your specifications could be one of the most exciting events of your life. A custom-built house can be both a home and a personal expression. But there are many steps to take even before the first shovel breaks ground on the home's location. And one of these steps is choosing the right builder to get the job done.

Construction defects can offset benefits of homeownership

One of the many perks of working hard and making a good living is the ability to purchase a new home. In addition to being your own personal domain, a house can be an important financial investment. In this post, we will look at some of the benefits afforded by homeownership.

Developers need their contractors to stick to game plan

Often the most important decisions a football coach makes involve which players will make the team and play in the games. A team simply cannot win without good players. Being a real estate developer is similar to being a coach in that it is important to select a team of good contractors in order to successfully complete your project.

Florida condos found to have serious construction defects

Florida is a beautiful state in which to live. Perhaps this is why people are often willing to pay premium prices for homes here. But when you put your hard earned money into a place to live, you expect that it will be a comfortable, secure and safe dwelling. If your home turns out to be rife with construction defects, you could find yourself facing extreme economic hardships.