Florida Business Litigation & Breach of Contract Attorneys

At Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. in Miami, Florida, we believe in business litigation with force. Our clients' businesses may be at stake. They count on us to prosecute their claims and defend them aggressively in court.

The best legal representation generally brings the best results. What counts is not the size or name of the law firm, but the dedication and ability of the particular attorney who is handling your case. Davids regularly beat Goliaths. Contact us at 305-579-0000 if you are facing contentious and potentially costly business litigation.

Protecting Your Business Interests

You want to protect your assets. You want to recover from any losses or damages done to you by a customer or a competitor. At Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L., we have successfully handled cases involving:

  • Breach of contract (including real estate and insurance)
  • Partnership disputes and litigation
  • Contract non-compete agreement disputes with employees
  • Stockholder lawsuits against the company and other stockholders for the benefit of the company
  • Defamation (including trade libel)
  • Claims under title, life, flood and property insurance policies
  • Corporate litigation/commercial litigation
  • Tortious interference with business relationships
  • Deceptive and unfair business practices
  • Unfair trade practices
  • UCC litigation (sales, banking, bills and notes, security interests)
  • Environmental contamination law
  • Conversion (theft/embezzlement)

Aggressive Business Litigator Advocating for You

You are entitled to operate your business free from illegal and unethical practices. However, if you are in a dispute with a partner, customer, insurance company, government entity or competitor, you need the type of diligent and aggressive representation that our firm, Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. can provide you.

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