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Understand why governing law provisions are used in contracts

There's a phrase or two that's commonly seen in contracts called a governing law provision or conflict of laws provision. Many people read over this part of the contracts that they sign without fully understanding its meaning.

That could be a mistake that could haunt them later if there's a dispute down the line that ends up in court.

Tips for doing business abroad

Moving into the international market is the dream of many businesses -- particularly those that know they have something highly unique to offer a foreign market.

Before you start down that road (or across those waters), take to heart the following pieces of advice. They can help you avoid expensive and difficult business litigation down the line:

What 4 things should you do after you receive a job offer?

Did you just get your first professional job offer? As excited as you may be, reign in your enthusiasm so that it doesn't override your common sense.

Tell your prospective employer that you need a couple of days to go over the offer. The company has invested a lot of time getting to know you throughout your interviews. Now, you need to take some time and focus on getting to know the company. You also need to read that contract carefully. A little negotiation now can save you a lot of stress, heartache and legal fees later.

Miami judge stops construction in rare forest

Construction disputes can come from all directions.

In the latest twist on a planned development by Walmart, a Miami judge ordered construction to stop -- saving an endangered pine rockland forest from being bulldozed and protecting several species of animals that aren't found anywhere else on the planet.

How do you handle a disgruntled employee?

While a sour, grumbling, resentful and endlessly aggrieved employee is often played for laughs in television and movies, they're real problems in the actual business world.

Disgruntled employees make their co-workers think about looking for different jobs, slow down production, aggravate customers and hurt your business.

How to negotiate a commercial lease

When you decide to sign a lease for an office, you might think it similar to renting an apartment or signing a simple rental contract. But the reality is that leasing a business location can actually be very complicated and if it is not done right, it can lead to a very costly and complicated situation.

It's important that you take your time and figure out the right way to go about lease negotiation.

Be careful when selling your business

Is it time to sell your small business? Maybe you're ready to close up shop and retire or maybe you've been offered a price that's too attractive to refuse.

Either way, you need a contract that covers the sale. Make certain these things are included:

Lowering the cost of electronic discovery in business lawsuits

A company can't just turn over everything in its databases because they've been hit with a discovery order in a lawsuit. Only relevant information should be turned over in order to make certain that the company is both protected from unnecessary exposure and to keep down final costs -- the more documents that the opposing counsel has to filter through, the higher legal fees are going to ultimately be for both sides.

Electronic discovery (or "eDiscovery") costs can be tremendously expensive for a company to handle -- and more than 70 percent of that cost is due to review.

Jefferson Starship's founding member wants name discontinued

There are lawyers in practice today that probably weren't even born when the band known as "Jefferson Starship" was at its peak back in the mid-1970s and 1980s.

For the record, they were pretty famous. Famous enough that the name still carries a significant amount of interest to those who cut their musical teeth on that band and others from the era -- which is why the majority of the former band is still using the name as they continue to tour.