Intentional Torts

Miami Attorney Defending You Against Defamation and Other Intentional Torts

Businesses, professionals and individuals rely on Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. in Miami, Florida to represent their best interests in intentional tort cases. We serve as your advocate, whether you were victimized by embezzlement or wrongfully accused of defamation.

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Types of Intentional Torts

Intentional torts can take many forms. They include:

  • Fraud
  • Conversion (stealing of your property) or embezzlement
  • A competitor or disgruntled employee securing confidential company information for their own benefit
  • Intentional infliction of mental or emotional distress
  • Tortious interference with a contract or business relationship, resulting in significant loss of income
  • Invasion of your privacy by disclosing your private, embarrassing facts or intruding on your physical seclusion or solitude
  • Defamation in the form of libel or slander that harms your business and reputation
  • Assaults and batteries
  • Trespass on your property or waste committed on or to your property
  • Malicious prosecution

Holding Parties Responsible for Intentional Torts

While the competitive nature of business may make business torts seem almost commonplace, there is too much at stake. The responsible parties behind these tortious acts can be held accountable. At Warren Gammill & Associates, P.L. our job is to help you recover for any personal or business losses and to seek punitive damages where appropriate.

Defending You Against False Allegations of Intentional Torts

Conversely, if someone has brought a lawsuit against you or your company, alleging intentional wrongdoing, you need experienced and diligent representation. A false accusation of wrongdoing can have long-lasting effects on your business and personal finances. Warren Gammill is an experienced, skilled attorney who can defend you against false accusations.

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