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Oracle wins court battle in business dispute against Google

Every Florida business owner will agree that they want their business to do well and most are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve that success. However, as success grows, so does competition and companies may be tempted to succumb to unfair business practices to gain a step on their competitors.

It’s hard to argue with Google’s dominance in the smartphone industry. Android, Google’s mobile operating system, rules the arena with a 78 percent market share over Apple, Windows and BlackBerry. But now, one manufacturer is arguing with how they stay on top.

EVO 3D has filed a lawsuit against the tech giant over claims that Google made secret agreements that make it mandatory for every Android phone to come with Google’s own apps pre-installed on the device’s home screen.

These secret agreements, dubbed mobile application distribution agreements, have been denounced by some as anticompetitive and discouraging to competition. According to a professor at Harvard’s Business School, users buy a smartphone, see Google’s apps there and assume they are the best option when, in reality, the apps are only there because Google has forced them to be.

Google’s extreme dominance makes it nearly impossible for a manufacturer to refuse to sign these MADAs and still have any hope of survival in the market.

The case is far from cut and dry, but it’s an interesting example for Florida business owners to pay attention to. Relationships with other companies can be healthy, but care must be taken to avoid any potential misconduct. If you feel a company has acted unfairly in its dealings with you, it’s vital to know how to fight back. A Florida attorney may be able to help you find a resolution to your business dispute.

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