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City makes breach of contract complaint against developer

When doing land development work in Florida, parties that wish to work together in a manner of mutual interest must make an agreement regarding the role each party shall play in the endeavor. A contract helps to provide assurances to both sides that their unified vision will be fulfilled. But should one or both of the parties become dissatisfied with the work being done by the other, then the analysis of a contract may be in order.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, a real estate developer LLC is on the receiving end of a complaint of breach of contract, which is being filed in a county superior court. The developer had previously purchased a city building for the cost of one dollar. The company was supposed to develop the building’s housing units.

Reportedly, the developer was to complete the project in 18 months, but was given an extension due to financing issues. Thus far, the city claims that though some work has been completed, progress on the project has halted.

City officials wish to reclaim possession of the building. The mayor of Springfield expressed that there had been hope that the company would be able to bring the project to fruition, but that it was time for the city to move on.

When a project stalls due to one party not following through on agreed terms of a contract, decisive action should be taken. If you feel that a party you have been working with is not meeting its contractual obligations, you may wish to talk to an attorney who has abilities in contract analysis.

The details dictate the conditions of a legal agreement and thus a disputed contract should be gone over point for point. An in-depth analysis can help clarify which aspects of an agreement have or have not been adhered to. Once the areas of a breach have been determined with exactitude, then your attorney may be able to proceed on the course you deem necessary in seeking a legal remedy to the situation.

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