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Three caught allegedly embezzling from company

Businesses in Florida can well expect adversarial conduct from rivals. In some cases, competition can become so heated that laws or regulations are violated in the name of getting ahead. While this behavior is not pleasant to try and counter, it is not that surprising. What can be surprising and downright saddening is when a business discovers that they are victims of tortious interference not from an outside competitor, but rather from an in-house employee.

Of all forms of white collar crime, embezzlement may be the most insidious. Those who steal from an organization they work for are truly violating the trust of those who gave them opportunity. Embezzlement has unique problematic aspects. First, those committing the crime are able to do so because of their position in an organization. Second, an embezzler can act with impunity for years before being discovered. In that time, much damage can be done.

A case in point is currently playing itself out in Fremont, Nebraska. Two women, ages 50 and 42, have recently entered a not guilty plea to charges stemming from accusations they helped embezzle almost $2.5 million from a company called Gavilon Grain. A third participant, a 66-year-old man, who is the father of the 42-year-old and father-in-law of the 50-year-old has also been implicated in the alleged crime.

The man ran a grain elevator. It is believed he falsified documentation in the names of both of the two women. He then allegedly used those documents as a basis for generating bogus receipts for grain. Investigators state finding 307 such documents created between the years 2007 and 2013.

The accusations, if true, demonstrate how embezzlers can continue stealing unabated for many years. The final monetary tally of their malfeasance can cause great economic loss for their employers.

Embezzlers can exact a terrible toll on a company. In addition to the financial cost, your company can suffer on a morale level as well. If you discover you have been the victim of embezzlement, you might wish to consider contacting a Florida attorney who may be able to prepare a proper legal response.

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