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What do I need to know about warranties for newly built homes?

Buying a newly constructed house can be both an exhilarating and a stressful experience. A well-built home can certainly be worth the investment required. But, a house with construction defects can bring about extreme grief and expense to the homeowner.

A warranty is one way for those who have purchased a newly built home to protect their personal interests. So, what are the important facts you should know about these warranties?

The Federal Trade Commission explains that a builder may take the responsibility of backing a warranty. It is also possible for a builder to purchase a warranty from another company, which takes on the liability for certain claims. A homeowner may also purchase supplemental coverage from a third party.

The limited coverage offered by newly built home warranties typically extends to materials and workmanship as they pertain to home’s component parts. The component parts of the house will have specific durations of coverage. For example, stucco and trim may be covered for the duration of the first year, while electric systems and plumbing generally receive coverage for two years.

Should you discover that your home has a defect and you wish to file a claim, you need to read over the terms of the warranty and make sure the defect is covered. If it is covered, then file your claim exactly as instructed. You should keep careful records of all the correspondence you have with the company backing the warranty.

If the defect is covered and you filed the claim as per the instructions, you will likely receive a fair and amicable settlement. However, sometimes disputes arise between homeowners and those who are responsible for honoring warranties.

If you are unable to get the satisfaction to which you are entitled under the conditions of a newly built home warranty, you may wish to seek the services of Florida attorney. An attorney may be able to gather relevant and important information about any construction defects in your home to help you get fair compensation.