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How can you be sure a developer is reputable?

For some, the anticipation of purchasing a newly built home may come with an abundance of excitement and enthusiasm. It is natural for everyone to want a place of their own where they can live as they please. Many people also love the idea of being able to personalize their house in both practical and aesthetic ways.

But while new homes have their benefits, they can also present issues that are easier to avoid in pre-existing homes. For instance, you can inspect a home that is already standing and ready for sale to determine if it has any construction defects. Meanwhile, you may be unable to catch problems in a house that is under construction until it is finished.

Finding a trustworthy developer is vital when purchasing a new home. So, what can you do to help you make a good choice? Here are a few things that can help you determine if a developer will build you a home that meets your expectations.

  • Contact the local Better Business Bureau and inquire if there have been any complaints lodged against the developer.
  • Talk to staffers of the local City Hall or county planning department who may have had professional dealings with the developer. Take note of whether or not the staffers hold the developer in high regard.
  • Do Internet research to find out if the developer has been the subject of any complaints online.
  • Canvas the neighborhood. Talk to residents who purchased their new home from the developer. Ask them if the developer has integrity regarding the quality of the home.

There is simply too much at stake when purchasing a new home to accept anything that you believe is substandard. If a developer takes your money and delivers a house that contains flaws, they should be held accountable for correcting the situation.

If you find yourself in a dispute with a developer who fails to live up to their contractual obligations, a construction litigation attorney may be able to help you get a fair financial remedy.