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Construction defects can turn your home into a source of stress

In the Jane Austen novel “Emma,” the character Mrs. Eton observes “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” This simple statement sums up why our homes are so important to us.

A home is where we can find solace and be ourselves. We are free to outfit our homes in any manner we see fit. By doing this, we create a world that is practical and accommodating to our needs.

A home provides not only physical shelter from the elements, but emotional shelter from the demands made upon us by the outside world as well. It is where we can rest and recharge our souls. In short, a home provides us with stability and protection.

So it can be very taxing if our home becomes a source of unhappiness and stress. This can happen if a house has structural issues due to construction defects. Living in a house where there is always a new leak due to faulty plumbing, or where it is too hot in the summer because of a malfunctioning air conditioning system can be cause for constant discomfort and consternation.

If you have made a serious investment in a newly built home, you have reason to expect that it will be free from serious defects. Should defects be discovered, having them remedied is very important. If fixes are not made, you could see the value of your property tumble and the house may even end up being uninhabitable.

The law firm of Warren Gammill & Associates is familiar with the kinds of issues that arise when construction defects are found in a home. A description of the manner in which the firm may handle cases involving disputes with builders and other related parties can be found on the construction defects page of this site.