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Irresponsible landlords can cost tenants money

In regard to running a successful business, there is a very basic but important formula: revenue minus expenses equals profit. When you start a business, you likely assume that at some point you will be able to make this simple equation work out in your favor. One of the key elements in making this happen is by keeping expenses under control.

If you operate your business in a leased property, then you should be able to count on your property expenses being consistent through the duration of the lease. You should not have to worry about having to pay out-of-pocket for those items the landlord is responsible for repairing when broken.

If your landlord fails to fulfill his or her duty in responding to a property-related problem, you could find your business expenses rising rapidly. For instance, a plumbing issue, if serious enough, could force you to shut down operations until the matter is addressed. While you are unable to conduct business, you are losing money. This means that repairs must be made as soon as possible.

But should the landlord ignore your pleas for assistance, you may be forced to take matters into your own hands to get the problem fixed. Now in addition to the money lost due to shutting down, you are paying money just to get back up and running. The more often such incidents occur, the more unexpected expenses you will face. This will eat into your hard-earned profits.

Landlords have an obligation to make sure that certain kinds of repairs are made quickly. They must also be sure the property they lease out is habitable. As a business owner, you should not have to add a landlord?s expenses on to your accounting ledger.

If your leased business property is costing more than it should due to a negligent landlord, you may wish to contact the law firm of Warren Gammill & Associates, located in Miami. You can go to this page to read about how our firm approaches resolving landlord-tenant disputes.