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Florida developer awarded damages in lawsuit with former partners

In order to get things accomplished, business people in Florida often must form mutually beneficial partnerships. Unfortunately, if serious business disputes arise, then partners can become adversaries.

Although an acrimonious business relationship may be disappointing or frustrating, it is not the end of the world. However, if a partner turns around and engages in unfair business practices against you, you may wish to consider pursuing a legal response.

Recently in a Sarasota Court, a developer was awarded damages totaling over $20 million from a lawsuit. The suit stemmed from allegations on behalf of the developer that he had been sabotaged by two former partners.

The case, which had been in progress for over four years, resulted from a 2010 land deal. The attorney for the developer stated that the developer had been victimized by political influence as well as backroom dealings.

Reportedly, the deal started amicably. This changed when one of the partners demanded the developer accept new terms. The partner also allegedly intimated that he would use his influence with county commissioners to terminate the project if the developer refused the new terms.

The developer maintains that the former partners also publicly acted in ways that undermined the project. A county commission vote resulted in the project being deferred and it was never again revived.

This case involved some very prominent developers, but such disputes can occur at any level of business. If you are ever placed in a position of conflict with a business partner, a Florida business litigation attorney may be able to help you find a resolution to your problem.

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