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Construction defects can make for fun in movies but not real life

In the film “The Money Pit,” Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play a young couple who purchase a house that they think is a bargain. But very quickly, their collective hope for their home turns into disappointment as problems begin to mount.

The house?s electrical wiring is so faulty that the walls catch fire. The bathtub faucet spews out brown goo. The flooring is so weak that the bathtub crashes to the floor below. And the stairs simply collapse.

Making matters all the worse for the beleaguered couple is the financial loss they incur as they pour vast sums of money into attempting to repair the house. The movie is played for slapstick laughs and is actually quite funny.

But in real life, purchasing a new home with construction defects is not the least bit funny. Faulty wiring, bad plumbing and defective building materials can all lead to dangerous and expensive problems.

If you have purchased a new home only to discover that it has defects, it is important to take the matter up with your contractor as soon as possible. A good contractor will work with his or her customers to see that such problems are fixed.

However, sometimes a contractor may not be amenable to making the necessary repairs. If you ever find yourself in such a difficult situation, you may wish to consider getting in touch with a Florida construction defects attorney.

The firm of Warren Gammill & Associates possesses the ability to examine the terms of your construction contract and may be able to help you recoup the financial losses you have incurred. We have a page on this website detailing our services.