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What kind of terms can minimize the chance of contract disputes?

Often, a well written contract is the basis of a successful business relationship. When drawing up a contract, you want to make sure that the terms are reasonable and understandable.

This way, the chance of a dispute is minimized and there is a much better opportunity for both parties to receive what they want from the relationship.

But what kinds of things should a contract include? While there are many and varied items a contract can include, the following are some important terms you may wish to consider:

  • A defined method of payment. Be sure the payment terms are suitable to your financial circumstances.
  • A provision regarding penalties for late payment.
  • A set of clearly stated prices. This would include stipulations for additional charges that are not included in a party?s standard rates. Such charges could include postage and photocopying.
  • Specifications regarding the time period in which the aspects of your contract are to occur. If you are delivering goods or services, be sure the terms grant you sufficient time to complete your tasks. If you are on the receiving end, the terms of delivery should meet your needs.

These suggestions may help you create a contract that can serve the needs of both parties involved. Still, disputes can arise regardless of how carefully a contract is worded. Such cases could lead to expensive contract litigation.

If you find yourself in a situation where a contract to which you have committed is not being properly honored, a Florida contract litigation attorney may be able to offer assistance. The attorney could look closely at the terms of the agreement and may be able to find a way to help you obtain satisfaction while avoiding a costly litigation.