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Business owners use lease terms to protect their interests

As a business owner in Florida, you may have found that is not always easy to find the perfect spot to house your company. The state is experiencing tremendous economic growth and the real estate market is very competitive. As a result, the price of rent for a preferred property could run extremely high.

It is important for a business owner to carefully consider a property?s value prior to signing a lease. There are so many factors to consider. Price and location are certainly very important. But so too is a property?s condition. If your landlord or property manager does not properly maintain your rented building, then you and your business could pay a very steep price.

This is why it is vital to thoroughly go over all of the terms contained in a lease. As a tenant, you need to understand the landlord?s obligations regarding the timely addressing of any repair issues that come up.

Although it may seem that it would be in a landlord?s best interest to see that his or her property is habitable and well-maintained, sometimes landlords may try to avoid making necessary repairs due to the costs. In other instances, landlords may purposely ignore serious issues to get tenants to vacate their rented spaces.

It is absolutely critical for the success of your company that the commercial property you lease is in good condition so you can conduct business. The attorneys at Warren Gammill & Associates are familiar with the kinds of problems that business owners can encounter when leasing property.

If you are having issues with a landlord who is violating aspects of your lease agreement, then our page about landlord-tenant disputes could provide you with helpful information about our services.