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Contract disputes with foreign companies can be complex

Today, much of the business conducted by Florida companies extends beyond the state’s borders. Companies are engaging in agreements and transactions on an international level. It is said that the world is becoming smaller because of the interconnectivity provided by the Internet. And it is easier than ever to hop on a plane and travel to any spot on the globe to conduct business in person.

But the fact is, even if international communication and travel have become easier, we are still a world with countries and borders. Business cultures can differ from country to country. Foreign countries may also have different regulations with which a U.S.-based company will have to contend when attempting to reach and carry out an agreement.

Such negotiations can be extremely complicated. Drawing up a contract with a foreign company must be done in a very meticulous fashion. It is very important for the terms of a contract to be clearly understood by all parties involved.

A contract dispute with a foreign company could be far more difficult to resolve than a dispute with another company in the United States. Further, if you are looking to retain a long-term relationship with the foreign company, then going to court may not be the best option.

The Warren Gammill & Associates law firm may be able to help you when crafting a contract with a foreign company. We are also familiar with how to represent the interests of those engaged in contract disputes. Our page on business litigation has a summary of our services